El expectacular templo de Angkor Wat, en Camboya


During the last two days I have explored some of the temples located in the Angkor Wat National Park, including the one that gives name to the park and is the biggest temple in the world.

I have been twice in Angkor Wat: yesterday in the late morning and today at sunrise. To get there today and have a reasonable spot from where to take pictures without having hundreds of heads and phones of people in front of me I had to wake up at 4:30. And even though, it was already crowded, but sometimes being tall is a good thing.

It was funny the drive there: hundreds of tuk tuks in the darkness, just seeing their lights, in line on the road moving the crowd of people.

The sunrise was officially around 6:15, but the best pictures where taken some minutes before that. It was very atmospheric and unique. It well deserved the early morning.

Yesterday I saw the interior of Angkor, the carvings of stories, the size of it and the artificial pond that surrounds it, it is amazing.

I have visited three other temples as well: Banteay Srei, a tiny one but with beautiful colours and decorations; Bayon, famous for its big faces carved in each one of the towers that form it, with a medium size; and Taprohm, the so called Lara Croft temple, where nature has invaded and roots of enormous trees have opened space between stones giving it a special look, and featured on Tomb Raider movie.

The whole National Park covers an area of 400 square kilometres, and has more than 100 temples, so it is impossible to see all of them in a couple of days, but I got the big idea of the power of Angkor as city at that time.

Tomorrow I am leaving Siem Reap and moving onto Battambanng, my last stop in Cambodia.


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