Los 10 mejores blogs de viaje en inglés


I started to create this list to help myself on a try to keep an eye on what other travellers are doing around the world, but I thought it might be useful also for some of you. So here you have my top 10 travel blogs in English:

Nomadic Matt

This has to be the number 1 of the list because it is one of the largest (if not the largest) travel websites. He has been traveling the world since 2006 and has been to many great places.

Twenty-something Travel

This is a great website for young travellers or first-time travellers. There are plenty of articles about planning and good advice. You would never even think about some of the things that you have to plan, and it can be intimidating at first. This travel blog helps you get through it.

We took the road less traveled

A good one if you are planning on travelling in Europe. This travel blog has plenty of awesome pictures and engaging posts. They are a couple (and a dog) and their articles would be very helpful for someone wanting to do extensive travel there.

Postcards from Rachel

Now it is not only Rachel, it is a couple. It is a great blog for those living wherever she travels to. Rachel spent a year abroad, and then seemed to move all over the U.S. afterwards. She has great pictures and her posts are fun to read.


This one is great for those with dreams of sailing. It is written by a cute little family who have embarked on the most awesome sailing journey ever.

Adventurous Kate

Great for the solo female traveller. She quit her job at 26 years old and became a full-time traveller. Kate talks a lot about how to travel safely and what you should know to travel long-term.


Great for U.S. travel. It goes through all of the major cities and has articles on many attractions. For example, if you click on Los Angeles, then you will find many different attractions on the right-hand bar.

NZ Muse

Great for those taking time off work to travel. These two took time off work and are traveling the world, all in six months. It’s a great journey to follow. This blog talks about budgets, what to do, what not to do, and so on.


This is not only a blog, is an online magazine, with columns, blog, articles, that provides a much-needed voice in war-torn regions and conflict zones around the world by reporting on art, music, poetry, literature, and film from those areas. An excellent resource for broadening horizons.

Notes from the road

Erik Gauger’s Moleskine roadtrip journals are gorgeous. He records everything from handpainted maps, to 999 different types of birds, to local supermarket finds. His photography is pretty good and his writing about the places he visits is quite deep compared to other blogs.

Extra: Nowhere Magazine

One of the most beautiful travel magazines I’ve discovered in 2014. A welcome departure from straight travel reporting, founder Porter Fox and his team focus on the art of literary travel writing, featuring long-form narratives of places and moments in history.

Any other recommendations? Please share in the comments below!

Do you speak Spanish? Have a look to the top 10 travel blogs written in Spanish.


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